Welcome to Movement for Migraine

I’m so glad you’ve found this little corner of the internet. I’ve created this space to help you bring exercise back into your life. Maybe you want to know if exercise can help you manage your migraine? Or perhaps you want to avoid triggering attacks when you work out? Or maybe you just want a few simple ideas to get you moving?

I see you, and I am here to help.

Hi, I’m Emily. I’m an Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP) and Yoga and Meditation Teacher based on the sunny Central Coast just north of Sydney, Australia. I live with chronic migraine and am also Mum to two little girls and wife to Karl. You can learn more about my journey with migraine [here](https://movementwithmigraine.com/home/2019/6/13/june-is-migraine-and- headache-awareness-month), and you can get to know me a little better over on Instagram.

I work as an AEP, which means I spend my days prescribing exercise for people living with chronic illness. I trained to do this after teaching yoga for many years – I wanted to fully understand the science behind why exercise is helpful for so many! What I learnt lead me to embrace strength training to compliment my love of long walks and yoga. Studying again as a mature age student and ignited my love of all the nerdy science behind the benefits of movement for all. Seriously, if you want a cup of tea and a good chat about all the way exercise is good for us I’m your person!

Alongside my clinic work I now offer exercise coaching over Zoom. Head here for all the details and to book in your initial consultation.