Where to Start Learning More About Migraine

This time last year I had just been diagnosed with Chronic Migraine. I had suffered from attacks throughout my life, but I didn’t even know that CM could happen, I naively thought everyone with Migraine was more or less like me! It was a little overwhelming to start reading about CM and the experiences of others, I sank into a fairly low place as I wondered what lay ahead.

Thankfully after getting worse for a while things are well and truly getting better now. One thing that has helped has been learning more about the lifestyle changes I could make that would help my Migraine situation. Figuring out my personal triggers has been empowering and an important step on the road to recovery. Another helpful factor has been discovering the wonderfully kind migraine community online. Social media groups such as Migraine Strong, and the people on Instagram have been lovely and supportive, and a source of knowledge about drugs, supplements and ideas for dealing with attacks when they arise.

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If you or someone you love has been recently diagnosed with Migraine, then here are my suggestions for where to look as you start to learn more about this neurological disorder.

First things first, these websites are full of incredibly helpful and reliable information for you:

The Migraine Trust

American Migraine Foundation

American Headache Society

There are also very helpful websites that are run by individuals with Migraine rather than big NGOs, they can provide a helpful personal touch along with lots of Migraine information. My top three would be:

Migraine Again

The Daily Migraine

Migraine Strong

Sometimes it’s nice to read a book rather than browse a website. These are my top two Migraine related books:

Heal Your Headache, by Dr David Buccholz

The Migraine Brain, by Dr Carolyn Bernstein

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In particular, Heal Your Headache has been such a great resource for me. I started following the diet and lifestyle changes recommended by Dr Buccholz in January, and began the elimination diet suggested in the book. It has been an interesting journey figuring out my own personal triggers (perfume, caffeine, sleeping in and more) and trying the supplements and lifestyle changes that can help. Joining the Migraine Strong Facebook community has been an invaluable guide on this journey too, I can’t recommend this group enough.

You can find more people like you online, through blogs and Instagram accounts. On Insta I recommend following #chronicmigraine, #migrainelife #migraineur to start with. I’ve found many fellow travelers here and it helps you feel less alone with the pain and uncertainty.

On the web there are so many helpful people writing blogs about living with Migraine. Here are my current favourite:

I hope this helps as a starting point for learning more about Migraine and connecting with other people suffering from Migraine. Reaching out and researching combined have helped me feel confident in my approach to managing my illness. If you have any questions feel free to get in touch via Instagram. Feel free to share this post with anyone else you know who suffers with Migraine if you think it might be useful!

  • Post by Emily Cordes
  • Jul 09, 2019